Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Song Bird

I love Spring. And it has hit with full force here in central Texas. The bluebonnets are out which means we'll have to find a good spot to sit Jake in and take a few pictures this year. I don't know who started the baby in the bluebonnets trend around here, but it seems like the thing to do.

Jake and I sat outside yesterday and watched tons of birds and squirrels running around. It's been really cloudy here, so the animals are loving a break from the heat. Unfortunately, we have a bird living in a tree outside our bedroom window who is a little confused ever since daylight savings time hit. He starts singing around ten o'clock at night and doesn't stop until the sun comes up. He's got a beautiful little voice but it's not something I want to hear at 3:45 am. What to do?

When I worked in California doing camping trips to Catalina Island there was this parrot who had escaped from somewhere and taken up residence at one of the campgrounds on the island. Sometimes he would wake up a little too early and start making noise which was inconvenient but at the time I didn't think it was a big deal since we only had to deal with him every so often. Well, someone got fed up with his early morning vocalizations and they caught him and hung him from a tree. Which pretty much shut him up. I'm not saying this is something I could ever do to our little bird friend, but I'm starting to understand the impulse to do so. Maybe someone should show him this blog and see if that changes his tune.


  1. Sure wish we could come see the bluebonnets. I bet Jake enjoyed the birds and squirrels. He must be a real nature boy, with all the yard work he has to do. Must be related to Grandpa. I love you all. Mom

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