Monday, April 7, 2008

Um, when did I get old and cranky?

It really seems like only yesterday that I was in high school, talking on the phone all night or cruising the streets of Amarillo with my friends listening to eighties music. I remember back then sometimes overhearing older adults talking about our generation. And it wasn't always good. I just kept thinking, don't they remember when they were our age? Why are they so judgemental?

Well, it seems I've become one of those "older adults" now. How did that happen? Jake and I were at the neighborhood park this afternoon when three truckfuls of teenage boys pulled up and disembarked right there at the playground. I was thinking "who do these punks think they are?" The playground is clearly for young kids and I felt they were invading our turf. And as they were gathered around a picnic table talking really loud to each other, I just knew they were up to no good. I didn't even give them the benefit of the doubt. Because, clearly anyone who wears their pants below their butt is up to no good. Or just stupid. And I don't have patience for either. Then, when a couple of them took off to go walk in the woods behind the park, I immediately thought "oh, they're off to go smoke weed now." Never mind that when I was younger, if there had been woods around, my friends and I would have totally been in there. Not smoking weed, but just fooling around. So, why did I jump to this particular conclusion? It was a little odd that they were sporting sweatshirts and jeans in the near ninety degree weather today. But, they could have just been cold blooded.

It almost makes me want to start some sort of neighborhood program where the kids can come to my house after school every day so I can get to know them better and not be so judgemental towards them. I could bake cookies. Help them with their homework. We could relate to each other on a personal level. Maybe write some rap. And, it would keep them out of the park away from the little kids, away from trouble, and away from the weed.

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