Monday, June 16, 2008

Moving on up

Finally, after years of hard work, we have our very own customized pool in the backyard. It has a slide and water feature even! I'm so excited to be able to lounge out back while Jake learns how to swim. I can't wait to get a margarita machine next so I can sip on a cool refreshing beverage while I'm supervising him in the pool. I have a feeling we'll be enjoying our new toy every single day this summer since temperatures have reached the triple digits and seem to be staying there. Check out the pictures below. I feel we have finally arrived. Don't be jealous. Your day will come.


  1. Jake, you are really living life in the fast lane, aren't you? I'm so happy you have a swimming pool.
    Wish I could come down and watch you play. Love, MeMaw

  2. I LOVE HIS POOL!!!!!
    That is the CUTEST pool ever!

  3. hilarious! do you just keep it up all the time, or put it in the garage? i'm curious about the big blowup stuff, because it seems like it could be a bit cumbersome to blow up and then take down.