Monday, January 11, 2010

Creepy crawlies giving me the heeby jeebies

We have fleas. We discovered this the week before Christmas when we took Brady to the groomer. At pick up time, the groomer informed Mike that the dog was "infested" with fleas. Not one or two. Not even just a few fleas. An infestation. So they treated him for fleas while he was there which cost us an extra $20. I tried not to be mad at the dog. I suppose it's not his fault he has critters. We stopped giving him flea medicine because it costs roughly the same amount as one year of college.

When we got back home after our Christmas trip we realized that the flea medicine the groomer gave Brady had not worked. He still had fleas and they had spread to the cat, Zoe. We went back to the pet store and bought Zoe some flea medicine along with another brand for Brady. We still have fleas.

We called the pest control people and asked them if they could come take care of the problem. They said "hey, no problem." We just have to vacate the premises for at least four hours when they come. All of us. People and four legged friends. Where are we going to put the dog, the cat and the lizard that live here for four hours? Also, they mentioned something about vacuuming the house every three days after it was treated, cleaning all floors and surfaces and making sure there was no laundry lying around. Yeah, right. Like that's ever gonna happen.

I had about decided to just keep treating the pets and hope the fleas would die a quick death. Then, we took Jake to get his hair cut on Friday. You know what makes you feel like white trash? I'll tell you. Hypothetically speaking of course. If you are holding your child while he's getting his hair cut and the lady cutting his hair suddenly asks you if you have a cat or a dog and then points to a flea scuttling around on your child's scalp, THEN you will feel like white trash. And be completely mortified as you catch the flea and crush it beneath your fingernails.

SO, if you happen to see a dog, a cat and a bearded dragon standing on your street corner for a few hours in the near future I would steer clear of them. They are nothing but trouble and I'm sure their rightful owners will come claim them just as soon as they have removed the flea infestation in their home.


  1. I love you, sweet friend. I feel so fortunate that our lives have crossed.

  2. ok so buster had fleas and here is what we did and it worked like a charm. the vet gave him a pill that killed all the fleas immediately on his body within 30 min. then he was bathed and groomed. then we put him on "the pill" which is a monthly flea med. so far it is working. no fleas. you might ask your vet about "the pill."

    your fellow white trasher....