Saturday, January 30, 2010

Emma News

I just wanted to jot down a few things about Emma while I'm thinking about them. I feel like I always put Jake's milestones down and I think I'm slacking a little bit with Em.

First and foremost she finally has a tooth! She's following in Jake's footsteps here. He also cut his first one at ten months. She's got one of her middle bottom teeth in now and is working on at least one of her middle upper teeth. Our kids have a hard time cutting teeth. She was pretty miserable until that first one came in. Turns out she also developed an ear infection the week it came through which made for one sad baby girl.

She has started doing some of the most girly things I've ever seen. There really is an innate difference between boys and girls. She is such a flirt! The head tilting. The coy little smiles. The downcast eyes. My goodness! My favorite thing by far though is what I like to call her emphasis on drama move. This is such a girl thing and she only does it when she's mad, sad and looking for sympathy or flirting with someone to the extreme. She either lays down on her tummy with one arm stretched out or she's sitting and just lays over her legs with one arm stretched out. Then she either screams, cries or smiles at you all the while peeking at you under that one arm to make sure you're paying attention to her. It is so dramatic! Makes me laugh every time. She does NOT like for you to laugh at this move when she's mad. It causes even more drama.

She is just days away from walking I think. She actually took three or four unassisted steps last night. We were all cheering her on. She is a delight and is making me wish for just one more baby which I know is just crazy talk. Love you Peanut!

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  1. She is such a sweetheart. I'm so glad you named her after me and my grandmother. Also, Mike's grandmother. Love, Mom