Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've been gone and now I'm back

Wow. I think this is the longest break from my blog that I've ever taken. I haven't even read other people's blogs in at least a week. Except for my sister's. She is a great storyteller so I like to check in on her regularly. Anyway, we had a fantastic Christmas and I will share more about that later. Right now, let me just say that I've had the most incredible shopping experience at Target! I'm so excited I just can't hide it.

Every year for Christmas I tell my parents that I just want money as a present and then I usually save that money and add my birthday money to it and go shopping. This year I didn't even wait to get the birthday money because I so desperately wanted some new clothes. I was planning on waiting until I had lost all of the baby weight and was down to my goal weight before going shopping. And I planned on going to Ann Taylor Loft and buying some more sophisticated, age appropriate clothing. However, all of that changed when I went into Old Navy the day after Christmas and saw their $15 jeans sale and their $4 long sleeved tee shirt sale. That's right. I said four dollars. I bought exactly eight of them. In all different colors. It is going to be my mom uniform until it gets too hot to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts around here. Which should be exactly four more weeks.

I have no idea how to dress myself which can be proven by looking at any picture of me from the 80's until now. I so wish I had a scanner so I could show you pictures of me back in the day. This is the girl who thought it would be a good idea to step out in a pink jumpsuit with black polka dots accompanied by a pink and black plaid jacket with shoulder pads. Wow. And pink pumps. Don't forget the pumps.

I'm just saying I'm not that good at buying clothes so I really don't go shopping very often. When I walked into Target today it was as if a beam of light shown down from heaven pointing me in the way I should go. I bought two cute dresses and a pair of stylish black pants. I also a bought a very cute bright yellow shirt but I'm thinking of taking it back because I'm worried the collar makes me look all Victorian or maybe even like a huge sunflower. I'm just not sure about this shirt. What do ya'll think?


  1. I personally don't care for the shirt, but I would have to see it on you. The dress is cute.
    I got a gift card for ATL, but I'm not going til I have lost some weight. So that may be never.
    I read your sister's blog and she is an entertaining writer. Welcome back from your bloggy break. We've missed you.

  2. I was browsing Target the other day, and saw that shirt and thought it was really cute!

  3. Love your blog, Kim. I'm stuck in cheap clothes hell... heaven... whatever. I just can't justify spending money on anything when I know the toll that will be taken at the park, cleaning, dealing with the boys. Especially when Target has such cute stuff, especially their dresses right now. Should we plano n Jumpy Gym this week?

  4. ok so what cracks me up is that i did the exact same thing about 3 months ago. i hate to shop but had no choice. i had no clothes! so i gather up my dollars and planned to buy some more expensive, age appropriate clothes that would last. somehow i got diverted from my path, saw an old navy and ended up spending every penny there. what is it about old navy?

    i say embrace it! wear whatever the hell you want. who do we need to impress? if you want to blind people with yellow shirts then by all means go for it. thankfully we aren't in high school anymore.

  5. Take the shirt back. I brought a bright yellow shirt and I do feel like a sunflower when I wear it and someone always has a smart aleck remark to make about being blinded by the light.