Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gingerbread fun!

One of the things we didn't get around to doing over Christmas was building a gingerbread house. Acutally, we have never built one and I thought it was about time the kids got the opportunity.

I saw a kit for one at WalMart a few days ago on sale for $2. What a steal. I used to work at the Hyatt Regency in Austin back when I was a single gal. At Christmas time every year they made this huge gingerbread house in the lobby in front of our restaurant that was like two stories high. It cost something like $20,000 to build. I always wondered how they could afford to spend that much money on a gingerbread house but they could only afford to give us reservationists a $25 Christmas bonus. Perhaps they should have bought a kit from WalMart after Christmas and saved it to build the next year. I'm just sayin'. Anyhow, we put the thing together last night. Jake was beside himself with joy to get started on it. He could not wait! I made him wait until Mike got home though so that Big D could participate.

Of course, now the big question is "when can we eat it?" I don't know. Are they even any good to eat? I've never had one! I think we'll be finding out pretty soon. I've already noticed some strange empty spots where candy used to be.


  1. I would stick with just eating the candy. The house is super hard

  2. It's the best looking Gingerbread house I ever saw. They are real artist. Love, Mom