Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Does 41 seem old to you?

Well, another year has come and gone. I am now 41. Also, I speak in rhymes.

I usually practice the celebration of the birthday week. I feel that the older you get the longer your birthday specialness should last. Due to the fact that Mike has started college full time now and is still working full time, I think my birthday is being scaled back to two days this year. It's almost like someone out there is telling me to just get over myself.

Oh well. I had a good birthday day. I worked at Mother's Day Out and none of our kids peed, pooped or wiped snot on me all day long. When I got home from work/school I walked into my house to see these beauties sitting on the table.

They're from my daddy. Do you know how long it has been since I received flowers? Me neither. They made me so happy! Then, Mike came home from work and brought me these beauties.

How sweet! And it was a total coincidence. Mike did not call my dad and say "hey, are you getting her flowers?" And my dad didn't call Mike and say "hey, let's both get her flowers." I don't think men even have those types of conversations, do they? It's more like "hey, do you remember when her birthday is?" Also, Mike arranged for a babysitter for Saturday night so we can go to dinner and a movie. Woo Hoo!

So, anyway I got flowers from the two most important men in my life. That's a good day. Also, the fact that my parents came down for my birthday is pretty significant. I got to thinking about it and realized that I had not spent my actual birthday with my parents in 23 years! I was always away at college, or in a different city with no way to get back for a visit so soon after Christmas.

We went out to eat at Cheddars for dinner and it was pretty darn good. Steak and shrimp. Yum. So now not only am I a year older, I am also a few pounds heavier. Hmm. Old and fat. There's a good combination.

After dinner we came back to our house and Mike made these wonderful little chocolate lava cakes for dessert. Usually I request a chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting from the grocery store for my birthday. It's my fave. You would be surprised how many people have gotten this request wrong over the years. But not Mike. He never lets me down on my birthday. I think I like it so much because we always get a pretty big cake and then I can eat it throughout the entirety of my birthday week.

This year I wanted these little chocolate lovelies though. Maybe I had a premonition that my birthday week would be cut short when I requested them. Because there were no left overs my friends. One night of cake only this year.

Don't I look a little bewildered or something in this picture? Confused, maybe? I'm telling you I think I'm just about three steps away from a mental assylum or a senior living facility. And really as long as no one pees or poops on me and they serve chocolate cake I think I'll be fine with that.


  1. I'll make the cakes for you again this week if you want....I would love to, they are so good, so good you see. And I would eat them over here, and I would eat them over there. I would eat them anywhere.

  2. I got the cake right!
    Have a fun date night!
    Glad to hear you were fluid free!
    Today I had a kid puke on me. :)
    I can rhyme with the best,
    but now it's time to eat and rest!

    Happy (late) BDay!