Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arctic Blast 2011

I have a newsflash for you. It is cold. Yesterday morning it was 16 degrees here when I had to get the kids out to the car and buckled up to go to Mother's Day Out. As soon as I opened the door to go outside Emma started screaming "COLD! COLD!" And Jake started screaming "MY EYES! MY EYES ARE BURNING!!" We are not short on the drama around here.

On our way into school I looked back at Emma to see if she had once again taken off her shoes and socks while in the car. It's a fun little game she likes to play. I was hoping that with her declarations of "COLD!" she might decide to leave her little piggies covered up. No such luck. Shoes and socks were both off and she was telling me that her feet were "COLD!" Well, duh. Of course we were running late because I had to do a complete search of the house looking for my lost car keys before we could leave. They were not in the key jar where I always put them. I called Mike to see where he had put my keys. He told me he had no idea where they were but there was a spare set inside the locked JEEP. I didn't see how that could help me. I interrogated the children to see what they had done with the keys. Again, no luck. Blank stares. I think Jake told me where I could find his Shamu. I said a little prayer for the keys safe return and just before I reached for my phone to call my boss and tell her I wouldn't be at work because I had no transportation I felt the keys in my back pocket. They were exactly where I had put them not two minutes before I started frantically looking for them. This is my life.

Anyway, back to the cold. "They" are even predicting snow for us tonight. We live in a part of Texas that doesn't get much snow. So when Jake found out about the possibilities he was beside himself with joy. He started shouting "WHOOPIE! SNOW!! I LOVE SNOW!" Now I think we all know the reality of the situation. If it does snow and we do go outside to play tomorrow this is what I will hear. Emma will be saying "COLD!" And Jake will be screaming "MY EYES ARE BURNING! IT'S WET! I WANNA GO INSIDE!"

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  1. Thanks for the laugh! Even though I have unfortunately never met your kids I can picture this whole thing in my head!