Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glass half full! Glass half full!

I could start off by telling you all that just days after paying a month's income to get our Jeep out of the shop that it broke down again. I could tell you that it happened to Mike while he was at HEB with Emma and they were stranded because I was home sick with a sick Jake and no car seat to come pick them up. I could focus on the part of the story where he called the mechanic and they said they would send someone right over but instead chose to send a tow truck with a non English speaking driver who took the Jeep with him but left my family members out cold in the HEB parking lot. INSTEAD, I'll tell you about the sweet little lady who watched the whole thing unfold and then gave my peeps a ride home. And she wouldn't accept payment or even dinner she just told Mike to pay it forward.

I could tell you that after the Jeep was fixed that night the mechanic told us we could come pick it up and he would leave it out in the parking lot if it was after hours. So then we illegally drove Jake in a car without a carseat to pick up the Jeep which was indeed not in the parking lot. It was indeed locked up in the shop. Which meant that I would not be able to drive myself or my child to the doctor the next day. INSTEAD, I will focus on the fact that the problem with the Jeep was the battery which was under warranty so we didn't have to pay for it. WOO HOO! And after a phone call from Mike the next day someone from the shop drove the Jeep to my home. When I opened the door looking truly horrific from my near death illness he just looked at me and said "Oh, honey, here are your keys." I teared up and said "My car?" He said "yes, here's your car." And then he left me in peace.

I could tell you that for the fourth time this year I visited my doctor feeling like I was near heaven's door, knowing that I had the flu or strep at the very least but most likley the bubonic plague only to have her tell me that my allergies were "acting up again." These allergies are tougher to discipline than my children. I could tell you that she prescribed no less than eight medications to be taken daily until I get better and when I went to the pharmacy to get two of them filled they didn't have either one in stock so I had to wait a day. INSTEAD, I'll tell you that when my doctor found out about one that wasn't going to be available for three more days she called me and told me to come to her office to get some free samples. My lungs feel better already.

I could focus on the negative. But let's talk about the rest of the positive. Last night we got our income tax refund info back and it looks like we'll be getting back enough to cover the cost of all of these car repairs. YIPEE! Sure, I would rather have used that money for a vacation or a new car fund or some clothes but I'm trying to be postive. Work with me.

And lastly, can I tell you how adorable my family is? On Valentines Day Mike and Jake hid approximately 30 little Valentines all over the house for me. I've only found half of them so far. Jake was so excited to show me where some of them were that he forgot he was sick for a few minutes and just walked me around the house pointing things out. Then he told me multiple times that he got me those Valentine's because he loves me so so much. Sigh. Many hugs followed. Melt.

And little Em. She is talking up a storm and when I'm healthy it is so dang cute. My favorite is when she goes through a list of all of her "bee-boos" every night and wants me to kiss them. She spends all day long bringing me things and asking me "what's that mommy?" Then she says "OH!" and repeats it back to me. She has the cutest little voice. Her teacher says she sounds like Mickey Mouse. Ha!

So happy to report that amidst all the bad and the ugly there is lots of good thrown in to keep me sane. That is all.


  1. So glad to hear all the good news. Glad you have your car back and most of all that you are feeling better. Wish I could hear Emma talk. She is so cute. I'm sure Jake is a big help. We love all of you. Love, Mom

  2. you have to know that i think you are the most hilarious blogger i read. and i read alot of blogs. and it's really, really hard to make me (and i think most people would agree) laugh out loud. like genuinely laugh out loud, not just a chuckle. i had to cover my mouth as i read this because all the kiddos are asleep and i didn't want to wake them (thanks alot). i'm so sorry things have been so hard, though. but, love that you are looking on the bright side.

    i fear i've gone on and on too long about this. but, i suffice it to say, i love your stories. ever thought about writing a book?! :)

  3. suzanne! thanks for the compliment! yes, one of my bucket list things is to write a book. now to find the time...