Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I heard at home today...

So I am still not feeling well. But after an ordeal at the hospital last night I finally got some decent drugs and am doing better. I'm tired of being sick and am very short on patience with the kiddos right now. However, there have been a few bright moments of the day.

Emma has regaled me with tales of what's going on in her diaper all day long. Seriously. Every time I turn around I hear "mommy, mommy, mommy I poop!" Then I say "you pooped?" and she says "yes!" or she says "no! i pee peed. just pee." I think it might be time to start the good old potty training around here.

Jake came into the playroom at one point and found Emma and I watching Tinkerbell together. He said, "hi guys, is it okay if i can join you?" in his most polite voice which was so pleasant because franky I had not heard his polite voice all morning long.

Later in the afternoon after Jake summoned me to COME WIPE HIS BOTTOM! he looked at me so sweetly and said "why thank you young lady." This cracked me up. He has taken to calling me lady lately but this was the first time he put a "young" in front of it! It also reminded me that I am essentially a lady in waiting around here whose sole purpose in life is to serve these little royal cherubim. I'm just very thankful that my little prince is such a gentleman.

Then, he passed out in the living room on the ottoman.

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  1. They are both so precious. I wish we could see them more often. You and Mike are doing such a wonderful job raising them. Love, Mom