Monday, February 7, 2011

Homework already??

Last Wednesday when I picked Jake up from Mother's Day Out he had some special things in his bucket for the day. Along with the usual artwork they send home there was a big roll of red butcher paper, some stickers and some lace heart doilies. As we were leaving the room his sweet teachers informed me that we were to take these objects, go home, find an empty box and decorate it for their class Valentine's Day party.

Okay. I have to admit my first reaction was not so nice. I was thinking that for goodness sakes they are only four years old and we don't need any homework yet! His teachers are so darn sweet though that you can't be really mad at them. So we hauled everything home and I made note of the due date for the project. It was Wednesday the 9th. So, naturally I thought okay we'll do this on the night of the 8th right before Jake goes to bed. Because that's how we roll.

However, we've had some bad weather around here. The kind of weather that doesn't permit going outside or leaving the house. So yesterday, I found myself needing to find something for Jake to do. Voila! I pulled out the Valentine's project. He really wanted to cut the paper. With scissors. I let him cut a practice piece while I wrapped the box. Then he did everything else. I have to say I was quite impressed at my boy's ability to handle the Elmer's glue. His Aunt Cheryl will be so proud. He glued hearts and stuck stickers on to his little heart's content.

Yes, he's wearing his new Lightning McQueen bicycle helmet. Mike bought it for him on Thursday and he's had it on ever since. Yes, I know that he's had the bike since Christmas. We've been busy. He even wore that helmet to PetSmart and the toy store today. I don't care. He's accident prone so I think it's a good choice. On a side note, has anyone out there ever used propecia for women? You know, the drug that is supposed to help you grow hair? Because I am clearly thinning in the temple region and it is bothering me. I blame all the years of ponytail and dog ear wearing. And still, I can't wait to do the same thing to my own daughter.

Anyway, let's get back on task. This is what he ended up with. I think it's fabulous.


  1. I am so proud! Glue and scissors and he's only 4! His Kindergarten teacher will be so excited when she realizies he knows what to do with those things.

  2. PePa and MeMa are so proud of you Jake. You are so smart. Emma can learn so much from you. Love you so much. MeMa