Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl I can't remember the number

What are ya'll having for the Super Bowl? I really did not care about this game until Mike got me excited about the food he wanted to have tonight. We started off with some artichoke/feta cheese dip. If dip could change your life I would be a changed woman right now. Run out and get Tricia Yearwood's cookbook just so you can make this recipe. Seriously. I also just decided after the first quarter that I want Green Bay to win. GO PACKERS! This will make my father in law upset but my daddy proud. We just can't have the Steelers winning a 7th Super Bowl.

Next, we had some of Pioneer Woman's bacon wrapped jalapeno's. Yum. Now it's about time for me to unbutton my pants and get comfortable.

We're having hot wings for our main course. These are Mike's favorite. I think I'll go put on my stretchy pajama pants now.

Lastly, we're finishing up with some peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies. Yum. I will now go and lay on the couch in a semi coma until bedtime. That is all.

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  1. someone made those bacon wrapped jalapenos for the party I went to and they were sooo good. Bacon makes everything better! That dip sounds so good I will need to find the recipe.