Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Amarillo

We left the day before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve Eve??) to drive up to my parents house in Amarillo. It took us about ten hours to get there since we had to make 42 pit stops along the way.

I love Christmas Eve at my parent's house. We do the same thing every year. Just the way I like it. Mama cooks some awesome clam chowder with corn bread, we go to the church I grew up in for a candlelight service and then we come home to listen to my daddy read the Christmas story from Luke and then, FINALLY, we open up gifts. These are gifts from the family because everybody knows that Santa comes later to leave the kids their stash from him.

Emma really got into unwrapping presents this year. It took her about thirty minutes to unwrap one because she tore off the teeniest little pieces of paper at a time. She even unwrapped some stuff that didn't belong to her just because it made her happy.

Jake and his beloved bumblebee pillow pet. He loves to bring it up to anyone who will give him the time of day and ask them to change it from a pillow back into a cuddly animal. Priceless.

Emma and some of her stash.

Jake and his super cool Lightning McQueen bicycle. Every time he gets on it he looks up and says "I AM SPEED." My dad and Jake went out to his woodshop to build an "invention" that helped Jake figure out how to pedal. Basically, they made two blocks of wood with indentions for the training wheels in them so Jake could practice pedaling inside without the bike moving anywhere. Got to love Grandpa's!

Emma Mae had the cutest little Mrs. Claus dress to wear this year. It fully transformed her into one of Dr. Seuss's "hoo" characters from Whoville. I cannot tell you how many people tell me that's what she looks like when they see her. So, we've started calling her Emma Mae Hoo so she can get used to her new stage name. And I sit by the phone waiting for Hollywood to call. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Meet me back here tomorrow to discuss our New Year's resolutions or lack of them.


  1. We sure miss you guys. We had the best Christmas ever. Wish you could come more often. Love, Mom

  2. Why did I not know that Emma Ruth makes clam chowder? I love clam chowder.