Friday, December 31, 2010

Trail of Lights

Ohmygoodness. Tomorrow is the first day of 2011 and I haven't finished documenting 2010. Let the blog posts begin!

A few days before Christmas we met up with our friends, the Kelley's, and took the kids to see the trail of lights here in our small town. It was really good. Jake and Aiden were super excited to ride a school bus over to the trail. The kids even got to see Santa himself and sit on his lap! Emma Mae is in love with Santa Claus. Every time she sees a toy Santa or a picture of Santa she goes crazy pointing her finger and saying her best attempt at "Santa!" So she was in heaven. Jake was just happy to have someone new to talk to. He sat up there on Santa's lap and had quite the conversation. We were happy that he asked Santa for a bicycle since we knew that was what he was getting for Christmas. He asked for a green one, but Santa new better and brought him a red one.

The kids were nice and hopped up on candy canes and lollipops by the time we got home. Tune in tomorrow for a Christmas in Amarillo re-cap. I know! Exciting!

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