Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shamu Vs. Spiderman

Here's the deal. Jake is turning four on Dec. 14th. We're having a party for him on Dec. 11th. Ever since I pulled off the great dolphin party of '09 last year, he has been talking about wanting to have a Shamu party this year. Actually, he started off wanting a shark party but then changed to Shamu during the summer sometime. And actually, the dolphin party wasn't that great but I did manage to draw a pretty respectable dolphin on his cake.

Anyhoo. There are no stores out there selling Shamu party favors, games or cakes. So last week I started thinking about this Shamu party. I consulted many online sources. I went to the local Party City. I decided I would just do an "ocean theme" party with a spectacular Shamu cake. I came up with ocean related games. I found a picture of the cake I want to make. It is very involved. Basically, I need to mold a Shamu from warm rice crispy treat goo and then cover it with black and white fondant. Fondant is expensive so I found a recipe to make my own. Basically, I had everything planned out but had not brought any of my ideas to real life. I like to wait until the day before something is due to get started on it. Just ask any of my friends who were in high school English with me. But the thing is just because I haven't started it doesn't mean I don't have it all planned out. IN MY HEAD.

Good thing. Because two days ago we were at HEB and Mike took Jake over to the cake decorating part and started flipping through the cake book. Jake saw a picture of a Spiderman cake and now wants to have a Spiderman birthday. Friends, I don't do Spiderman. I have not spent a week mulling over Spiderman. I have not spent a week creating in my mind the perfect Spiderman birthday party. I do not have any ideas for Spiderman games. Pin the web on Spiderman?? I'm just not sure that I can switch gears on this one.

The thing is that Jake seems pretty adamant about it. It's like he thinks his birthday is all about him or something. Doesn't he know the pain I suffered through over 24 hours of labor with him? Ending in a c-section that has left me scarred for life? With weird residual ghost pains? With my blood pressure all out of whack for weeks afterward? Doesn't he know how many diapers I changed? How many times I cleaned up projectile body fluids from his person and mine? Doesn't he know how as a direct result of being his mama I now say things I never thought I would hear myself saying? Things like "yes, boogers are sticky. don't pick your nose." Or "seriously, get your hands out of your pants." Or "we don't jump on furniture." Or the ever famous "can you walk a straight line right now?" after my child ingested rubbing alcohol??? It's like he doesn't even know me.

Here I sit trying to convince myself that I can give up the Shamu dream and create a Spiderman dream instead. It isn't working. Give me Shamu or give me death! (by chocolate). What do ya'll think? Should I continue on with the Shamu thing and blow Jake's socks off with my creativity? Or should I just go buy the Spiderman cake at HEB and let the kids play with silly string out in the backyard?


  1. As much as I love Shamu, I think you have to go with Spiderman. Maybe ask him one more time to make sure. You can play pin the spider on the web. The silly sting is a great idea. You can always do a spiderman pinata. On the plus side, I bet it will be easier to find spiderman supplies.

  2. Even though I don't do superheroes, I'd go for's what the boy wants and will save you time and energy planning shamu.

  3. I agree, you probably should switch. And let him know it's a done deal. So sorry to have your dreams squashed.

  4. well i followed all of your advice. the party will be spiderman! although last night he told me he wanted a TRON party now because his daddy let him watch a trailer for the new movie. argggg.