Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazy about Trains!

Okay, I have one last thing to say about Jake's birthday and then I will be done. Our "big" gift to him this year was a train table. I got the idea because every time we took him to our local bouncy house to play he always ended up at the train tables playing with Thomas the train instead of bouncing in the bouncy houses. When we gave up our membership at the bouncy house I knew Jake would miss the trains more than anything else.

So, I found an old train table at a garage sale over the summer and bought it for twenty dollars. I figured I could repaint it and make it look nice. We talked Mike's dad into buying the actual train set to go on the table for Jake's birthday. Thank you so much Marty! He loves it. My sweet hubby took over most of the painting duties and got the table looking nice enough to be a birthday gift.

My favorite part of the table is those six storage bins it came with underneath. At the end of the day we can throw all of the kids toys in there and voila! the room is picked up. However, if you don't think each bin has specific toys that go in them then you don't know me very well. It's not a free for all. If I had a label maker each bin would have its own label for those members of my family who can't remember what goes where.

Anyway. We've also been re-doing our playroom. We painted it a nice cheerful yellow color. I wanted everything to be ocean and surf themed. I know! Go figure. I gave Mike some vague descriptions of how I wanted everything to look, ordered some surf board WALLE's and told Mike to go for it. He did such a great job! I love, love, love it. Look at the art wall! I found this idea online and told Mike we needed a board or something to go across the whole wall with clothes pins screwed into it to hang the kids artwork on. He made it happen! So cute and very inexpensive to do.

Now, I would just like two more surfboards hung up above the art wall with Jake and Emma's names painted on them. And new flooring in time. The carpet in there is NASTY and I dream of a hardwood type surface with a big fuzzy rug in the middle of the floor someday.


  1. I love the art wall. Ya'll did a great job.

  2. I love the art wall too. Very cool play room!