Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look who's 4!

Today is Jake's official fourth birthday. It feels like we've been celebrating for a week. I planned on writing a mushy blog post today talking about all of the things he had accomplished this year, but I'm too exhausted to do it. That will come another day. I was also hoping that he would magically awaken today and be out of the terrible three's and into the focused four's. It did not happen.

We started off pretty good. I made him some chocolate chip pancakes for a special birthday breakfast. Note to self. Never make him chocolate chip pancakes. Ever again. Period. I don't know if it was the pancakes or the birthday cake over the weekend or the donut holes they had at school yesterday to celebrate his birthday, but my boy has been a bear today. I think his blood sugar is all out of whack. Because it surely can't be his personality or my awesome parenting skills that are to blame for the meltdown we I mean he had at HEB this morning.

I usually let the kids get a donut at the grocery store when I have to take them with me because they can eat it while I shop and it keeps them busy and happy. Well. Due to the fact that they had both filled up on chocolate chip pancakes a couple hours beforehand I decided they wouldn't get a donut today. Good times ensued.

Jake started crying and throwing a fit immediately. It lasted for the next 30 minutes or so. All the way through HEB with people judging me left and right, through the car ride home and into the house where he was immediately put in his room to await a spanking. Yep. I spanked him on his birthday. Go ahead. Leave me a nasty comment.

He has calmed down now after eating a turkey and cheese sandwich and is resting quietly in the playroom.

Some of you are wondering about the birthday party. I think it was a success. I'll post more about it later but needless to say after he saw his Spiderman cake and his Spiderman balloon Jake channeled his inner Spiderman and took one for the team. It was almost as if Shamu had become dead to him. But at the end of his fabulous Spiderman party he did come to me and tell me that he can not WAIT until next year when he can have a Shamu birthday party. I may get my day in the sun yet.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet birthday boy. I KNOW he did not have any tantrums on his birthday because he is just too SWEET. :)
    I think that four was my favorite age. Happy birthday to your big boy.