Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sea World Again!

The last week has been such a blur. We had Jake's birthday party. My parents came for a short visit for the party. My sister and her crew came over for the day. It seems like we've been celebrating for a month now. Friday night our friends, the Kelley's (FRIEND AIDEN!), came over for dinner. They're vegetarians. So I never know what to cook for them. Luckily, my friend Ivy sent me the new Tricia Yearwood cookbook for Christmas and it happened to have a recipe for black bean lasagna. I was all "Score! Now, we can have the Kelley's over." It turned out pretty good. We all piled into their car after dinner and drove around our neighborhood looking at lights. I felt like it was the first time we got to slow down and enjoy Christmas this year.

Then on Saturday we finished off Jake's birthday lalapalooza with a final trip to Sea World for the year. Our passes expire in January so we wanted to use them one more time. It was just the perfect day. The weather was gorgeous. The crowds were minimal. The Shamu's were breathtaking. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me and the Shamu show. I cry every single time. Jake took his stuffed Shamu with us so he could see his "brothers" performing. I think stuffed Shamu had a good time.

The kids really enjoyed feeding these ducks and flamingos. After taking three not so good pictures I handed the camera over to Mike. Actually Mike demanded I hand the camera over to him. He then informed me that the batteries were dead. So, this is all the documentation I have of our last Sea World trip of 2011. Sigh.

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