Monday, December 20, 2010

Froot Loop Mania

My friend Katha has the BEST Christmas tree this year. The decorations are all very kid friendly and she and her boys even made red and green construction paper chains to hang on the tree. It was so cute that I was inspired to make the tree in the kids' playroom a little more "kidlike." So, last week I bought some Froot Loops in an effort to be "crafty" with the kids. I envisioned us sitting on the playroom floor calmly stringing Froot Loops on yarn to drape on the Christmas tree while listening to my Rick Springfield Christmas cd. (Truly, the BEST Christmas cd EVER. Even my hubby thinks so!)

Well. Jake lasted for about ten minutes. But he really did enjoy those ten minutes. Emma didn't even last until we got a string cut for her. She did enjoy sitting at her craft table eating from a pile of hoarded Froot Loops though.

I will say that Mike and I had fun making our Froot Loop strands. We actually got to sit in a room by ourselves and talk for a few minutes by ourselves. I'm not sure where the kids went at that time but eventually they came back and no one was bleeding or crying so it's all good.

Jake's strand actually turned out to be just a cute hanging ornament.

Here's the finished product. Didn't Mike and I do a good job?!


  1. Oh, I love this! So glad to bring some inspiration to someone. I love your fruit loop chain! - Katha