Friday, February 10, 2012


This is my hubby's mistress. She's cute in a very green, boxy sort of way. I call her Frogger. She was a gift from my brother in law-I guess she used to be his mistress. So that's kind of weird.

Mike doesn't have a lot of free time but often times when he does he chooses to spend it with her. He tinkers. He gets his hands dirty. He whispers sweet nothings to her like "come on and start up baby!" She's been sitting in our garage for a year now. She wouldn't run. I think she was depressed.

Mike also doesn't have a lot of extra money but when he does get some he buys her parts instead of buying his wife baubles or bangles. I'm not the least bit bitter.

Well, today it all paid off for them. Mike finally got her running and before I knew it she had him and both my kids buckled up, driving off into the sunset. I was left standing in the driveway remembering the time when I had a family.

But then I looked down and realized that she was leaking some sort of fluid as she went. I knew they would have to come back. Seems she was leaking gas which can't be good. I felt kind of sorry for her. After all, since having the kids I've been known to leak a few liquids here and there as well. She looks old and run down. I look old and run down. She has holes in the interior. I have a bad back. I'm pretty sure at least one family of mice has taken up residence in there at one time or another and probably never even told her thank you. I decided a truce was in order. If they ever made it back to the driveway I would welcome them all with open, loving arms. And guess what? They're back.

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