Friday, February 3, 2012

My core just isn't what it used to be

In an effort to get rid of a few pounds and some extra padding around the middle, Mike and I decided to join the YMCA last week. It didn't hurt that they had a special deal going on because we all know by now that I can't pass up a good deal. Running is out for me now because of all the stess it puts on my back and even my walking has been hit or miss lately because of the weather. The great thing about the Y is that they offer lots of different workout classes that I can go to and free childcare so I can go whenever I want. And we can always cancel if we don't feel we're getting enough bang for our buck.

Anyhow, I attended my first class last Saturday. I chose water aerobics. Specifically the "aqua burn" class. It sounded challenging yet like something that wouldn't aggravate my back. So I took my first water aerobics class with five of the nicest senior citizens in Buda, Tx. At first when I saw my fellow aerobicizers I thought that maybe I wouldn't go all out on my workout because I didn't want to put them to shame. Well. I shouldn't have even considered that. These people were lapping me in the pool. We would be running or frog hopping or riding a bike from one end of the pool to the next and I would always start out in the lead. Then before I knew it Richard, the Denises and Scottie would all be passing me up. I was humbled. When it came time for the water noodle workout I was a little stressed out. The instructor gave me a smaller noodle than everyone else and I still had a hard time with it. I could not keep that thing under the water to save my life. Finally, the instructor just looked at me and said "why don't you try this without the noodle for now honey?" Humiliating. However, the others were very understanding and kept trying to council me and tell me that I would get better with time. I honestly don't know if there will be a next time. I actually felt really good afterwards and my back was pain free so I may have to endure further humiliation and keep working out with the seniors.

I also went to a pilates class with people more my age that I loved. It was a great workout and I actually kept up with everyone. Can't wait to go back.

And go back I will because last Sunday the two sweet ladies I teach Sunday School with at church asked me if I was with child. Ya'll. I am not. Let me hand out some advice here that I can't believe I'm having to hand out. Never, and I mean never, ask a lady if she's pregnant. If you have to start out your sentence by saying "can I ask you something without hurting your feelings?" then don't ask it. Because chances are you are going to hurt that persons feelings. I think all three of us wanted to cry when I told them that I was not pregnant but apparently I looked like it in the dress I was wearing. So, hello YMCA! I'll be with you until I no longer appear to be preggo.


  1. Once again Kim, Thanks for the laugh. I have put a shirt on very recently and man oh man did I look pregnant. I may need an intervention though because I still eat crap all the time

  2. Hi Kim! Yay for you!! Good luck at the YMCA!