Saturday, February 25, 2012

One wedding and two funerals

The kids have been talking a lot lately about the fact that some day Mike and I are going to be dead. They are very matter of fact about this. They don't seem terribly upset about it although they do say they will both be sad when we die. Which is comforting I guess. Neither one of us is knocking at heaven's door just yet so I'm not sure where this conversation is coming from. I just try to be very matter of fact about it and agree with them that yes, everyone dies someday. I also tell them that when we die we get to go see Jesus in heaven and they think that's pretty cool.

A few days ago we were over at a neighbors house playing when Jake looked at the mama over there and said "my mom and dad are gonna die someday." She was all "oh, okay." Are they overly concerned with death at five and two? I vividly remember being scared of my parents dying when I was in elementary school. My mom and dad were about ten years older than most of my friends parents and I guess I thought that meant they might not be long for the earth. I prayed for God to let them live until I got out of high school at least. Don't worry, they are both doing fine all these years later. But I do remember it being a legitimate concern of mine. Could I have passed this morbid line of thought down to my own children? After all, my mama and I were both 39 when we had our last child. How do you handle your children's questions about death? Or am I the only one whose kids think about it?

At this very moment they are watching Bambi for the first time. Perhaps that wasn't the best choice of things to do this morning. Should make for some interesting conversation later. On the bright side when I tell them that mommy and daddy shouldn't be dying anytime soon, Jake brings up the point that even if we don't die he and Emma will be leaving home in a few years leaving me and Mike alone and sad. So, that's cheerful.

Speaking of interesting conversations, Jake broke Emma's heart a couple days ago. He told her that he no longer wanted to marry her because she's his sister. While Emma was crying, I was praising God that we dodged that particular bullet. Then, Jake told Emma that he was going to marry his cousin Alia instead. I suggested he marry one of the girl's in his class at school but he wants to marry his cousin. Guess I should be thankful that at least he is stepping out to a further branch of our genetic tree. Maybe someday he'll climb off of our tree and marry some nice girl in another orchard.

I also suggested to Emma Mae that she marry her best buddy at school. His name is Bryson. She always talks about how wonderful and silly this kid is. But when I told her she should marry him she just looked at me and burst into tears. After further questioning, she told me she could not marry Bryson because he threw up in class one day. And she does NOT want to marry a boy who throws up. So, I'm glad that Emma Mae is already setting the bar pretty high for these boys. If you throw up, do not talk to my daughter.

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