Sunday, July 8, 2012

Musings from the children

Let's start the day off with the kids and I sitting down eating lunch together after church. I may have mentioned that our cat Zoe has developed a God awful tendency to poop and pee on the carpet in Emma's room and the playroom. And every time someone comes yelling at me that Zoe pooped somewhere I may yell something about "that stinkin' cat." Well. As we were eating lunch I saw Zoe headed towards Emma Mae's room. So I yelled at her to stop what she was doing and proceed on over to her litter box. Then I got up and shut Emma's door before she got in the room. So then she proceeded to enter Jake's room. I got up again, retrieved her and set her before her litter box. In the meantime the kids are at the kitchen table just carrying on. This is what I hear. Emma: "Zoe is a stinkin' cat." Jake: "Aww man, I hope that stinkin' cat doesn't start poopin in my room." Emma: "yeah, Jake. because she is a stinkin' cat with stinkin' poop."

I sent the kids to their rooms for rest time this afternoon so I could start getting things together for dinner. Not five minutes later, Emma is crying and Jake is telling her "I told you Emma!" So I went to investigate. This is Jake's version of events: "Well. Emma was supposed to be in her room but she came tip toeing (acting this part out) into my room. Then she got in my closet and all of a suddenly WABAM! she came up under my clothes and bonked her head." Keep in mind that every "l" sound in the above monologue is pronounced with the "w" sound. I made him repeat the story because it was so dang cute.

Fast forward to Mike getting home from work. He took the kids outside to play catch with Jake. Emma decided to be the coach. And Jake decided to listen to her. He would not throw the ball until she gave him the go ahead. Later, we came back inside to start getting dinner ready. Emma was whining about some unfair thing in her world. And she wouldn't stop. So Mike sent her to her room for time out. Then she said "No! I don't ever want to see your face." Whoa. Hold the phone. As Mike said who is this teenager occupying our three year old's body? She did go to her room crying hysterically and Mike yelled after her that she could come out when she felt happy again. And Jake deadpanned "I don't think she'll ever get out of time out again."

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