Friday, July 27, 2012

Catching up

Where to start? Mike and I are having a date night tonight! That almost never happens around here. Our church offers fairly cheap child care the last friday of every month so parents can go out and have some kid free time. Tonight we're taking advantage of it. We cashed in our extra change jar and everything. The plan is dinner at Chuy's and then a walk around Central Market to find some whole wheat pastry flour which none of our local grocery stores carry. Central Market always has live music on Friday nights so we'll probably hang out there until we turn into pumpkins and have to pick up the kiddos.

On Tuesday I did take the kids out for a very fun adventure. But I didn't take the camera so no pics. We went with our neighbor and her two little boys to a water park just north of Austin. Oh my word. They had so much fun. For an incredible three and a half hours. I've been feeling so sorry for myself this summer because I really wanted to take the kids to the beach for a couple days and we just couldn't do it. But I think they had more fun at this water park then they would have had at the beach. Plus, no sand in our shoes!

We've been sticking to the local library  a lot for free entertainment. On Wednesday I took the kids to story time. And then I remembered why we don't typically go to story time. Emma rolled around on the floor for thirty minutes begging me to take her home. And Jake sat looking at his own book instead of listening to the librarian. Also, when she started singing "i'm a little teapot" all the other kids got up and sang and acted like little teapots. Not my kids. Neither one of them would participate. I didn't even try to get Emma Mae to go along. But I did look at Jake and say "hey! stand up and be a teapot!" And he said he didn't want to. And I said "but everyone else is doing it." And he said he still didn't want to be a teapot. So much for peer pressure. Afterwards, they both colored their very own chameleon because all of the books that day were about chameleons. Jake managed two green scribbles before he said he was tired and would finish it later. Emma Mae loves to color so she spent the next fifteen minutes putting every color of the rainbow on this chameleon. Which will be very useful if he ever finds himself hiding in front of a rainbow.

Then on Thursday Mike and I took them back to the library to see a presentation on miniature horses. This sweet man talked for thirty minutes about the ins and outs of little horses while thirty or so kids rolled around, talked, laughed and caused general disruption. Then they took us all outside to pet the little guys. They were cute and now I would like to have one to go along with the chickens I really, really want to raise in our backyard. I think we might have to move to a farm.  I'm picturing a huge garden, chickens roaming freely and freely giving me their eggs, canning everything we grow and possibly milking my own goat. Or cow. I don't know. I'm dreaming of the life my grandmother's probably dreamed to get out of someday. Crazy.


  1. Did y'all go to RockinRiver? I heard it is fabulous and really want to take the boys!

    Miss you.

  2. yes we did, the kids loved it! a bit crowded though...i miss you too friend, maybe some day we can catch up with each other.