Monday, August 6, 2012

Daily observations

Sometimes I walk into a room in the house and think "hmm, I wonder what that's all about." Today it was an oven mitt on the drawer of Emma Mae's dresser. What motivated her to put it there? Was the drawer hot to the touch?

So then I decided to take a peek at Jake's dresser. First of all, he climbed to the top of his closet the other day and scored some old Lightning McQueen stickers we stuck up there when we decorated his room three years ago. Then he put them on his dresser drawers to make it look "cool." He couldn't really explain the meaning of the missing knobs on the right side of the drawers. Something about needing to see how they worked. So he took them off. I sure wish he could #1.) find them again and then #2.) figure out how to put them back on. I'm curious about why he only took off the right hand ones.  I think it will remain a mystery because I just can't seem to crack the mind of the five year old.

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  1. I've seen similar things as I've walked through my house. Kids! Who knows why they think the way they do... ;)