Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day!

Jake was a little bit excited to go to Kindergarten this morning. And you know what? I was excited for him. I would have been more excited if I had gotten more than two hours of sleep last night but that's okay. I kept waking up thinking "is it time yet?" We did learn that we're gonna have to wake up earlier the rest of the week. It was a little stressful getting everyone to eat their chocolate chip pancakes and get dressed and take pictures and then get out the door. He wants to ride the bus next week and I'm thinking that may be a good plan.

On Saturday, Jake asked me if I would make him some apple dumplins. So I told him that I would make them and anything else he wanted on Sunday because we were going to have a special going to Kindergarten meal. So I asked him what he wanted for the main course and he said "how about lobster?" Because we eat so much lobster over here. Instead we got him a cheese pizza. And had apple dumplins for dessert. I took the kids for one last swim of the summer and our evening was really quite pleasant. I finally got both kids in bed at 8:15 and thought they would be worn out. However, Jake was just too excited to sleep. His teacher had even give the kids some "magic confetti" that was supposed to help them sleep so they would be well rested for the first day of school. Well around about 8:45 I hear him calling "mama!" So I said "yes baby?" He said "I can't sleep. I need you!" Now any other night this might have exasperated me a little bit. But last night I was all "What? You still need me? I'm on my way!" When I got in his room he was holding that package of magic confetti and he said very sadly "mama, I think this confetti is just regular. I'm still awake." So I told him sometimes it takes awhile for magic stuff to work. Then I got to spend the next fifteen minutes rubbing his back until he fell asleep. So sweet. Of course tonight the child better fall asleep already. Mama's tired.

After we dropped him off, Emma Mae and I met my friend Leslie at Chick fil A for breakfast. Leslie thought I might need a little consoling and she was right. It was nice to have someone distract me for awhile. After breakfast Emma and I went to Target for a little retail therapy. First stop, Starbucks. Em wanted to get a cake pop for herself and one for Jake in case he was hungry when he got home. I thought that was so sweet. Well, I was so tired today after lunch that I laid down in the playroom with her and she told me to close my eyes and she would take care of me. So I did and I fell asleep. When I woke up this is what was left of Jake's special cake pop. It seems Em got hungry while I was napping. She ate off all the frosting and left some of the cake for Jake. He really appreciated it.

He was so excited to see us at pickup and Mrs. Ware told me what a sweet boy he is. He said he had a very long great day which means I guess I will be taking him back tomorrow. I just hope he is as excited in the morning as he was today.


  1. awww, what a sweet boy he is. I LOVE the expression in the first picture. I can tell just by looking at Ms. Ware and the things in her room (books, poems, etc.) that she's a great teacher. I know these things.

  2. that is great to know! i hope your first day went well aim!

  3. What a sweet boy! And how happy he is to be going to school! If only they could enjoy it that way for all 12 years. :-) Here's to a wonderful year for your little one. :-)

  4. Reading this makes me feel a lot better about having to let my son start school next week.

    What a sweet boy your son is!