Monday, August 13, 2012

We're almost done with the summer adventures!

1.) Mike planned our weekly adventure last week and it was so much fun! Too bad we didn't take the camera to document things. We drove to San Marcos where he goes to school and met a buddy of his at the river. Then we spent about thirty minutes blowing up some tubes by mouth because our pump wouldn't work. After some mild hyperventilation we were ready to float the river! Jake went in his own tube this year and looked like such a big boy. Emma Mae rode with me in my tube. On my stomach the most of the way. Talk about an ab workout! My abs are still sore. Jake even went down a little waterfall with Mike at the end and jumped into the river from a rope swing. Good times.

2.) These little guys are my latest obsession. Little doves. They live in our front flower bed. They've been there for four or five days now. I have to physically restrain myself from setting out bird food and water for them. They already sit on our stoop while I water the flowers and listen to me talk. No fear. Until Jake and Emma Mae come running and screaming out of the house. Then my little birds find their wings and fly. I fear I'm going to be distraught when they leave me. Stay little birds, stay.

3.) It's funny that I've grown so attached to these birds. Because I'm really not a huge bird fan. Beady little eyes and all. Also, a bird accosted me at Petco last week. I went in to buy some crickets for the bearded dragon and the next thing I knew the sales clerk was looking up in fear with her hand clasped over her mouth. I was vaguely aware of a rustling sound above my head somewhere and then I felt claws spinning around in my hair trying to grip my head. Or tear it off , I'm not sure which. Anyway, I started screaming bloody murder and flailing my arms all over the place. When the dust settled, my hair was a mess and there was a green parrot or something sitting on the store floor. His owner came over and picked it up and started tickling its stomach. Didn't even apologize to me. He just told me that they had just had the birds wings clipped that morning. And I told him that I didn't think it worked very well. I left the store and ran to my car in case more birds appeared out of nowhere in attack mode. But I know my sweet little doves would never do anything like that, so they can stay.

4.) We're leaving for our final summer adventure tomorrow! Aren't you glad you won't have to read about any more adventures for awhile?! This is an over nighter and promises to be the best one yet. Can't wait!

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