Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More on Kinder

I hope to be able to stop posting about Jake entering Kindergarten soon. I hope to, but I'm not gonna promise anything. This is sort of a life consuming event I'm discovering. I forgot to mention the best thing about dropping him off on Monday. He let me hold his hand until we got inside the building. Then he dropped it and strode ever so confidently to his classroom with the rest of us tagging behind. He went right into that classroom (he was the third kid there), dropped his backpack on the floor and said very cheerfully "Hi, Mrs. Ware!" I could tell she was pleasantly surprised. She showed him where to put his backpack and lunchbox and then he found his desk and sat down to see what was in his pencil box. Then Mike made me leave. I really wanted to hang around a bit and make sure Jake was okay and see if the teacher had any words for the parents. But my hubby looked at me and said "time to cut the strings mama" and made me leave. Looking back, I think it was probably for the best because I didn't have time to work up an ugly cry or even a pretty cry. I didn't have time to cry at all. And the day was supposed to be about Jake and not about me right?

The second day of school I had the brilliant idea for all of us to go up to the school and have lunch with little man. So we did. Jake didn't know we were coming so he was so surprised and happy to see us. Lunch went well. I tried to introduce him to some of his little classmates because he said he didn't know anyone's name yet. He said he played by himself because there are so many kids there that it is just "too confusing." Well, of course mama bear has to try to fix that. When will I learn? I asked the three cute little girls sitting closest to us what their names were and then I said "hey! do you know Jake?" And they were all like "yes." And I was all "okay! hey Jake this is so and so and so and so!" And he was all "okay." He could care less what their names are. He just wanted to eat his pirate booty. Someday I'm going to learn how to let them make their own way and butt out of their lives. But it probably won't happen any time soon. I still have Emma Mae to humiliate on her second day of Kinder.

Well, all good lunch times must come to an end. We got up to leave and I gave Jake a hug and told him to have a good day. Then we started walking away. I happened to look back at him and saw him watching us with just the saddest look on his face. So I smiled really big and gave him a thumbs up and left. At pick up time he climbed into the car and we had our daily "what did you do today?" conversation. He told me he had a good day but he cried two times. The first was when we left after lunch. I felt so bad! The second was when his teacher told him they were halfway through the day and one of his classmates said no, we're not! He said that made him sad because he really needed to be halfway done with the day. So I gave him some great advice and told him from now on to only listen to his teacher. Those other kids don't know what they are talking about.

Also, I had my ugly cry at home later on the second day when he told me he wanted me to come eat lunch with him every day so he wouldn't miss me so much. Then he hugged me. Big sobbing cry but it only lasted for three seconds so hey, not that bad.

I'm hoping day three went better for him. I hope he didn't miss us as much as I missed him. I'm not gonna lie. It just feels like something's missing when he's not home every day! Although Emma Mae and I are having some good girl time. Girl likes to shop. I'm gonna have to get another job to support the habit. Here she is in Jake's class the first day of school. Let's end this with a little cuteness!

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