Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happenings and whereabouts

Mike's birthday was Friday. So I made him a poached egg. He turned 31. Pretty soon he'll be in his forties just like me! Wait a minute. When he's forty I'll be in my fifties. On second thought, let's not think about that. Maybe I'll stop having birthdays for awhile.

Later on he put on a shirt. So I baked him a cake. Three layers. Yum.

Earlier in the week we went on our last summer adventure. We drove to San Antonio to stay overnight at the Hyatt Hill Country. It was heavenly. I got a decent room rate so I was happy. The kids discovered they like resort life so they were happy. Emma Mae told me she wanted to live there forever and Jake told me every time we floated down the lazy river that this was the good life. I had to remind them both several times not to get too used to living that way.
We can't go to San Antonio without a trip to Sea World. Got to get the most out of those season passes!

Jake loved the sea lion show. This was a great way to finish off our summer! Now I'm going to go hide in my closet and eat some ice cream while I try to pretend that my first born child isn't really going to start Kindergarten in eight days. Wish me luck!


  1. In my defense, I had been awake for about 3o seconds at the point the first pic was taken....

  2. Happy birthday (a little late) to your husband!

    Oh my gosh, can I hide with you? My firstborn is starting kindergarten soon, too--and I'm not ready. Every time I think of it, I want to cry (and hide and eat ice cream). Good luck to us both. :)