Friday, July 6, 2012

Veggies galore!

So I may have mentioned that I'm having some sort of mid life meltdown. One thing on my mind lately is organic food. I don't want to give my children pesticide laden fruits and veggies. But let's face it. They are way cheaper and we are on a budget. But then I started researching CSA's and I found one in Austin that grows only organic food and they deliver to several spots in our area. We decided to give it a try for a month. I was so excited to go pick up our box of veggies today! This is what we got. I immediately put some of the cucumber, tomato and spinach in a salad for dinner tonight. Mike was just as giddy as I was. I heard talk of some of the peppers and tomatoes going into a batch of salsa. Yum. I'm pretty good with squash, zuccini, okra and onions. I see a stir fry in our future.

However, I'm struggling with these guys. What do you do with eggplant? Especially long, skinny, freaky looking ones. If we put habanjero peppers in our salsa we will need a mouth extinguisher to eat it. What do I do with really hot peppers? Look at that miniature squash. Why bother? And after much research I discovered those gross looking purple brown ball things are beets. I vaguely remember my mama trying to get us to eat beets when I was little. I vaguely remember her not being successful. Got any good beet ideas? I found a recipe for a chocolate beet cake which sounds promising. I need help with the misfit vegetables. Please.


  1. Wow! I'm envious of all your veggies! Beets are really sweet, good just simply boiled until soft. They will be easier to peel after cooking. They stain everything, though, so be careful w/ the juice. They are so GOOD for you. I don't care for eggplant, but there are many recipes for eggplant parm online. Check the
    It all looks so yummy!

  2. beets are WONDERFUL! Have you put them into smoothies yet? Or slice really thin into salads. You can drizzle with olive oil and roast in the oven! Also, check out quick pickeling.
    For the small squash, I think you should cut in half, remove seeds and then roast in the oven or boil and the skin will fall off.
    Crush up or blend with olive oil the peppers and put around your special plants to keep away the bugs and animals.