Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer adventure #11?

I'm a little behind on our adventures. They are so numerous it's just hard to keep track. My favorite adventure was yesterday when I fixed Emma Mae her favorite turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch. She saw the mayo on the bread and flipped out. For ten minutes she cried about how mayo is not her favorite (even though I always put it on there and she has never complained before). She had to go to time out where I was informed that the only way to cheer her up was to get the mayo off of her bread. Finally, she came out and tried the mayo on the bread and declared that she liked it! It was a mayo miracle.

Anyhow. Last week we took the kids back to the botanical gardens because Jake has been begging to go back there since our last trip. He loves the dinosaur on the trail. The kids spent about ten minutes walking on these rocks around a koi pond. Mike and I were sitting on a bench marveling at them. Then I jinxed everything by saying that we should probably leave that spot before one of them fell in. And Mike said no let's wear them out here. And approximately three minutes later Jake fell into the pond up to mid thigh. Then Emma Mae fell in all the way up to her neck. Then they smelled like dirty pond water for the rest of the day.

I love these water lillies. I'm thinking of building a pond in our backyard just so I can have some. And some frogs. And a turtle.

Look at this little guy. I want one of him too.

After we got the kids covered in pond scum we hopped back in the car and went next door to the nature center. They enjoyed digging for dino bones.

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