Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unexpected surprises

Today started off weird when I was halfway done with my shower and finally realized I had company. It was startling.

In other disturbing news, we are growing ginormous mushrooms in our backyard. Not on purpose or anything. I should have put something beside it so you could see how big it really is. This one is at least six inches across.

After my shower I spent fifteen minutes in negotiations with Emma Mae about bringing me her swimsuit. I asked her to go get it so I could help her put it on. She told me to go get it myself. I asked her to go get it again. She told me no. You get the picture. Apparently, the only thing that can "cheer her up" is if I get her swimsuit for her and help her put it on. But I did not cave. You cannot cave to the Emma monster. Or she will eat you alive. In the end, her brother talked her into bringing me the swimsuit so we could go swimming already.

Later when Mike got home it was time for my weekly trip to the grocery store. During the summer we are on a very tight budget. I don't tell you this to get sympathy or money from you or anything. I could get a summer job to make things easier. I have one word for why I don't do that-IDONTWANNA! I like being home with my babies. Even when a certain three year old argues about everything! So anyway, we had $60 to last us until next Thursday. Not tomorrow. The next Thursday. So I took my trusty list to the store and vowed to stick to it. I asked Mike on my way out if he wanted anything and he said "hershey's chocolate syrup." So I had to explain to him that chocolate syrup is a want not a need and he wasn't going to get it. Then he had to explain to me that I asked him if he wanted anything not if he needed anything. Symantics.

I managed to stick pretty close to my list at the store. I bought a pack of chicken legs that wasn't on the list but they were on sale and it just made sense to buy them. I can get two or three meals out of them. And then I passed by the fresh flower section of the store. Ya'll. They had the prettiest gladiolas on sale for $2.49. Down from $9.99. I mean, I would have been a fool to pass that up. So I put them in my cart. Then I headed to the hersheys chocolate syrup aisle and picked some up for Mike. Because I didn't even want to have that conversation when I got home. And then I put back the normal dog food I buy for Brady and bought him the generic store brand that was $2.50 cheaper. I know. Bad little mama. Make the dog suffer so I can have fresh flowers in the house. The total for the groceries ended up being $59 and some change. Talk about coming in just under the budget! Then I went home and checked the mail and we had an unexpected check for $55 in there. Funny how things work out isn't it?

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  1. Wow, so cool about the extra money! That mushroom is a bit scary. Love your bathroom visitor. He looks harmless. :-)