Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am thankful for my girlfriends. Especially this gal. We've known each other since the fifth grade and have been BFF's for most of that time. Countless hours on the phone, mutual boy crushes and lots and lots of laughter have built a solid friendship that I can count on forever. Love you Amy Sue!

On a side note, she is aging much more gracefully than I am. Not that I'm bitter. Try not to look at my neck in this picture. It looks like all I do is work out my neck muscles or something. It looks like my neck is about to pop my head off of my body. We must have taken ten pictures of ourselves trying to get one that we were both satisfied with. It led to much giggling and pandemonium. Amy was woried about her head being too big and I just kept thinking "how much could plastic surgery possibly cost?" These bags under my eyes need to take a trip already.  

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  1. girl friends are the best, aren't they? I tell ya, men come and go, but girl friends...they are true soul mates!