Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick days

I've spent the last two days with sick children in the house. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I'm thankful for sick days. Jake came down with pink eye Tuesday night so he stayed home from school Wednesday and Thursday. And them Emma Mae woke me up at 11:45 Wednesday night because she threw up all over her bed. So we pretty much spent yesterday watching movies, cuddling on the couch, playing games and maybe we let them play outside on their new truck with the neighbors for a second. Anyhow-I got a lot of good cuddle time in but I was really hoping that Emma would be over the vomit today. Because I am definitely over the vomit.

She seems to be doing better. She has managed to keep down all of her food today and we even got out and ran a few errands today. Because I remembered after I got Jake on the bus this morning that today was our day to take snack to his class. So Em and I headed out to WalMart to buy something quick and the whole time I was praying "please don't  puke in the car, don't puke in the car."

And she didn't! We came home and I made lunch. I put her sandwich on the table and then got distracted and looked out the kitchen window. That's when I saw our neighbors two cute labs walking down the street. I knew the neighbors were at work and I was pretty sure the dogs were not supposed to be out. So I went outside and called them over and brought them to our backyard. I saw the animal control truck patroling our neighborhood this morning so I didn't want the dogs to be found and jailed.

Anyhow, I let Brady out to play with them and called the neighbors who asked if I could keep the dogs in the backyard until one of them could get off work and come pick them up. I said sure. I would want the same thing if someone found Brady wandering around town. I sat down and ate my lunch while Emma played with the dogs outside. Then she came in to give me a dog report and eat two bites of her sandwich.

A few minutes later I went outside to check on the dogs. The only problem was that the only dog left in the backyard was mine. The two labs were missing. Under my watch. I was mortified. It seems they busted through a small hole in our fence and took off. So I looked out the kitchen window. And there they were walking down the same sidewalk again. So I went out and called them over again. And brought them inside the house this time. Before I knew it the black one had jumped up on the table and eaten the rest of Em's turkey sandwich and the brown one was in the bathroom drinking water out of the toilet. Listen, I can't even guarantee that the toilet had been flushed yet. I kept having flashbacks to the movie "The Christmas Story" and those Bumpus dogs that caused such havoc in the house on Christmas!

The next thing I know Emma Mae is yelling something about the yellow dog making a mess all over the floor. So I looked over just in time to see a pool of brown liquid about the size of the smallest great lake making its way toward the only rug in our house. Too late, I found a towel and spread it over the mess. That rug may never be the same. In fact, I may never be the same. My stomach is still clenching up involuntarily. And I'll be really thankful when these sweet puppies go on home.

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