Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

How is it November already? And why does our neighbor across the street already have up her Christmas decorations? Why can't I stop eating the children's Halloween candy? It's not even that good! These are the questions keeping me up right now.

Let's start with Halloween. Our friends Eva and John brought their girls over again this year to go trick or treating with us. We also tagged along with some of our neighbors. Trick or treating is always fun in our neighborhood! Jake opted to dress up as Bat Man this year rather than Spiderman. Emma Mae finally settled on being a witch after flirting with being Captain America for awhile. They both looked really cute.

They decorated pumpkins before we headed out.

My parents sent them these adorable monogrammed candy baskets to use.

Then we went out into the night to join the rest of the spooks and goblins.

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