Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankfulness continued

Soo thankful that is all the hair she managed to cut off in her first attempt at cutting her own hair. Unfortunately, it came right off the top on the middle of her head so she looks a bit like Steve Perry at the height of his career in Journey during the 80's.

I am thankful for the little boy at the park the other day who looked at Emma Mae and said "you talk a lot!" It's just good sometimes to have unbiased outside confirmation of something I already highly suspected.

Thankful for my job where I can bring the Kindergartener to work with me when he has a day off from school and I don't. And for my boss who showed us this wonderful idea for a Thanksgiving tree and even supplied us with the materials to create one of our own! I'm also thankful for the beautiful words of Ann Voskamp whose book "one thousand gifts" could change the world.

And I am very thankful that my dog Brady (the bus) is not dying. Mike found a huge mass on Brady's side last week and after a trip to the vet today it looks to be just a fatty tumor. Which is gross but not life threatening. Who knew I wanted that dog to live so badly?? We're still not sure if we want to get the thing removed  enough to spend hundreds of dollars to have it cut out. But we're thankful we don't have to make that decision right away!

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