Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I have a slight problem

This is a picture of a hazelnut chocolate chip cookie with chopped up Skor bar in it. They're good. I made them this afternoon and Jake ate one and thought it was good. The problem is I have now eaten five of them. And they're pretty big cookies. Hi, I'm Kim, and I'm a sugar addict. Also, I am a Coke addict. Which is better than being a coke addict if you know what I mean. I prefer white powder in the form of flour and sugar baked into some gooey bundle of goodness and not snorted up my nose. But still, I'm tired of these cravings getting the best of me. I was doing pretty good keeping my diet under control throughout the Holidays. So when I weighed myself after Christmas and realized I had finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight I decided to celebrate with some form of chocolate and I just haven't stopped since. I eat chocolate every day. And in a perfect world I would drink a Coke everyday as well. In fact, if I could dip my chocolate in the Coke that would be great. So, Mike and I decided to have a contest to see who could give up coke for the longest period of time. Today was my first day and when four o'clock hit I just needed a little pick me up and since I couldn't have a coke, I ate two cookies. And now I've had five. There must be an alternative. And no, I really don't crave fruits or vegetables so when I'm in the midst of these sugar fits I just HAVE to have chocolate. Any suggestions?


  1. That's a tough one.
    I can easily give up the Coke's and other sodas, but the chocolate....I tried that once (you may remember). Worked for awhile. But once you let that tiny little morsel of irresistable pleasure back in, there's no turning back.
    If you really want to win: learn to enjoy flavored water and eat a hershey kiss!

  2. you are hilarious, as always! i totally know what you mean. cookies and chocolate...i love them too much to give them up. sorry, not sure i have any advice...but, i would say switch to diet soda and save some sugar there...you'll never go back to regular again! :)

  3. Coke, I have no advice. Well, maybe you should try snorting it, the fizz might turn you off for awhile! Chocolate, here's what I do. I will either chew sweet flavor gum (or any gum I can get my hands on), or suck on a chocolate Tootsie Pop. Seriously, think about it. :)

  4. well, i'm on day four of being coke free and i have a serious headache that i'm sure a coke would fix. great ideas girls! i'm going to try the hersey's kisses and tootsie pop ideas. as for diet soda, i just can't do it! it's not the same...