Monday, February 25, 2008

Wii may have a problem

Saturday night one of Mike's buddies from work came over. He brought his girlfriend and we made chicken wings and had a big, messy, really good dinner. Then, this buddy brought in the thing that might just be more addictive than my daily coke or chocolate fix. Have you heard of the Wii? It's like Nintendo on crack. It was so much fun! Maybe it's just because Mike and I don't get out a lot anymore, but we really love playing this thing. We played video games for four hours straight Sat. night. I haven't done that since I attended a birthday party in the sixth grade at the local arcade where I spent all my tokens on pac-man. Well, okay maybe in college I played super mario brothers for four hours straight, but only because I needed a study break.

And then a really bad (good) thing happened. He offered to let us keep it for the week. Oh, my. Mike and I introduced ourselves to the joys of boxing this morning. It was an all out brawl. He won by knocking me out in the tenth round. It's hard to not get into this game since it is interactive. If you're playing tennis for instance, you really swing your remote control to get the racket to move. After a night of bowling, tennis and golf I think I may have pulled or even dislocated something in my shoulder.

Aside from the bodily injuries, I'm a little concerned about my attitude while playing. Let's just say I'm not always a good sport. Like when we were playing an operation game this morning and I just kept whining because Mike wasn't letting me have a turn and he was removing all of this guy's bone fragments himself and all I got to do was put in sutures. Come on. I haven't watched years of medical shows on television to just sew people up when I finally get the chance to do a pretend operation on someone!

And you know the really scary thing? I'm afraid that at the end of this week, Mike's buddy is really going to want to take the Wii back. And we won't have it anymore. And our lives will be filled with a big, black Wii-less void. A void that can only be filled with more coke and chocolate.


  1. I haven't played with Wii yet. Though I am not a fan of the video game...I like the idea that you have to move. See....who needs the gym!
    Make Mikey share....
    Do they make a Wii version of super mario bros? That would be fun. Jump from mushroom to mushroom or have to duck before a flaming sword gets you.

  2. People are always selling new ones for less on Craigs List. But if you get one, then I will really never see you.

  3. you can see me whenever you want! laura, they don't have an interactive super mario brothers yet, but you can play the regular game on the wii. oh, yes, mike's already done it.

  4. Ok people, crawl out of your caves and join the rest of humankind. The Wii is frickin awesome!! I am a tennis master! We have been trying to buy one in stores for almost a year now. We can still play with friends and relatives so we aren't totally desperate yet. Soon, Wii will have one soon.