Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you smell something?

Today I went with Amy to a pilates class at her gym. I was a little hesitant to go only because she had told me last week that while she was in there someone kept passing gas. Not acceptable. I understand if it happens once, but if it's a continual problem in a closed in situation like that, you really need to remove yourself from the general public. Because essentially, the gas passer was holding the other gym members hostage. They should have the opportunity to vote that person out or something. Anyway, it was not only the fear of smelling something unpleasant that made me consider staying home, it was the fear of my reaction to the sound of the smell if there was one. At what point should a person be mature enough to not think potty humor is a little funny?

I say this because a couple years ago back in California at my yoga class, a lady in the row right in front of me kept passing gas every time we did a crunch. Every single time. I know this because they were not silent emissions. And although I managed to not laugh out loud, I was lying on the floor silently convulsing with my shoulders shaking thinking why doesn't she just get up and leave?! This is killing me! I know that everybody does it, myself included, but really if anybody other than immediate family, best friends, or hospital staff is around to witness it, then you need to discreetly excuse yourself.

Unless you're a small child of course. And you just can't control yourself. Like yesterday at school when we were walking our two year olds to another building for a special program. One of our cute little girls looked up at me smiling and said "Miss Kim? I pooted." So I said, "that's okay, hon. Everybody does it." To which she replied, "yes, I found some relief." So in the end I guess we all need to remember that it is our bodily functions that bind us together. We're all just going through life looking for a little relief.


  1. I would die if that ever happened to me!!! Good luck if you stay in the class.

  2. Little Mama, I'm not getting nearly as many pictures of my little grandson as I would like to have. Can you do anything about that? I love you. Mom

  3. I don't think Ruth approved of this entry. I can't imagine why.

  4. you don't like the subject matter? i'll take pictures of jake as soon as he gets a smile back on his face. he's feeling poopy.