Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dry Skin

I'm in serious need of some hand cream advice. Lately, when I look at my hands I either think "Wow, who is this old person?" or "Wow! When did I turn into an elephant?" I've really never had a dry skin issue before. Does anyone out there have a favorite lotion or cream?


  1. I know it sounds cheese, but Bath & Bodyworks! Not the regular body lotion (although that is just enough for the legs), but their "Healing Hand Cream". It's awesome! It's nice and thick, doesn't feel oily, and stays on he hands a long time to get to the healing! :)

  2. Aqauphor. I think it's made by Eucerin. I had really dry and cracked hands, and Aquaphor fixed it! The only problem is that it's really thick. And it's a little bit oily too. I put it on at night so I wouldn't be bothered by it, and the next morning my hands would be super soft.

  3. you can't beat Ahava handcream. it's sold in some department stores and is made with ingredients from the Dead Sea. Sarah Cox got me into it. Very nice!