Friday, March 14, 2008

Fifteen Months!

I thought I would do a little Jake update since today is his 15 month birthday. I can't tell you his current measurements because I waited too long to make his doctor's appointment and now we have to wait until the end of April to get him in. He is still little but we're hoping that he hasn't gone down further on his growth curve. There are days when he eats a lot and days when Brady gets to eat a lot because Jake slips him all of his food. But, generally we can at least get him to eat a banana, peanut butter sandwich or avocado. And did I mention chocolate chip cookies? Loves them!

Anyways, it's so fun watching him grow. He seems so big for such a little guy. He is the fastest walker I have ever seen. His favorite toy by far right now is a Mylar balloon. Mike brings them home from work occasionally and Jake just loves them. He also likes to play with cars and trucks and balls. He is fascinated with other people, especially other kids. He loves to go to the park which we get to do almost on a daily basis right now. He's climbing and going down slides all by himself much to my horror and his daddy's delight. He's aware of birds and airplanes and points whenever he sees or hears one.

The most fun thing for me has been watching his language develop. He still only says mama when he's upset for some reason. But he frequently says daddy, kitty, baby, Brady and ball. The cutest thing is the sign language though. Thanks to some Baby Einstein videos he's learned the sign for baby, daddy, ball, more, swing and tree. If you ask him where his truck is he'll go pick it up. Same thing for almost any object so we know he's aware of what's going on even if he can't say the words yet. I love it!

He is a sweet, lovable little boy with a very strong will right now. He's definitely testing boundaries and seeing how far he can push us. It's a wonderful, tiring, nerve racking, scary, joyful time in life right now that we wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Happy Day Mister!


  1. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth! j/k Glad to hear he's doing well and being a boy's boy!

  2. so fun! i love to hear what he is up to and i def. agree that the language is extremely exciting these days! :) post a video of him saying and signing. i would love to see him in action.