Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a way to make a living

Let me just start off by saying that I do enjoy my part time job. It's nice to get out of the house a couple days each week, I work with a good friend, and I like the idea of giving other moms a break from the insanity of raising kids for a few hours.

Now, let's just talk about yesterday for a moment. Three of our sweet little babies had been out sick last week so that coupled with a holiday on Monday meant they hadn't seen us in about a week and a half. Which in baby time is like forever. Needless to say, that when they came back, they were not so happy. And neither, really, were any of the other babies yesterday. Even our one little happy guy was a little cranky. There were many tears.

They cried when we were inside.
They cried when we were outside.
They cried when we held them.
They cried when we smelled them.
They cried when we put them down.
They cried when we spun them around.

There was just a lot of crying. We had extra help too, thank the Lord. It took about four or five adults to handle the situation. I don't blame the babies because I know it's hard to be little. But let's just say that we were having a bad day. And then the one thing happened that I've been trying to avoid this entire pregnancy. And I'm talking about the vomit. Mine, not theirs.

Basically, there are a few smells that I just cannot take right now. We've discussed water and eggs, but now I should mention that baby spit up also makes me gag. And we have a few babies who spit up. So there I was feeding a little boy, and I put him on my knee to burp him when I just felt warm liquid all over my knee. And then I smelled it. I looked down to see my pants covered from the knee down, a puddle on the floor, and spit up in this little guy's shoes.

I told Leslie that I thought I was going to throw up from the smell. Now, she's heard me say this countless times before so she wasn't taking me seriously. And I swear I saw a little smile on her face. Which quickly changed to surprise and maybe horror when she heard me start gagging and saw my body involuntarily convulsing in the rocker. So she calmly told me to go to the bathroom.

I put baby upchuck down, ran in there, hugged the toilet and dry heaved my lungs out. I'm not a puker so I managed to keep my lunch down but I swear it took everything I had to make sure nothing came up. I just kept thinking to myself, "if you throw up it's going to be salad and chili and that is just wrong." So after much convulsing and some sore abdominals later I was able to return to work. I was glad that I hadn't actually thrown up. It was strictly mind over matter. The force is strong within me. However, I went the rest of the day with that awful taste in my mouth.

Let me just repeat that I love the babies and my job, but I really don't like the spit up smell and the gagging it causes. I'm in the process of trying to forget that yesterday ever happened. I'm thinking lots of prayer, meditation and maybe a trip to a hypnotist should do the trick.

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