Monday, March 9, 2009

The Final Countdown

It's hard to believe that in just three more days we'll be welcoming our little girl into the world! I'm sorry if you're all tired of hearing about my pregnancy but it's all I can concentrate on so here we go with some last minute thoughts. I am so ready I could literally just pop. In fact, I'm worried that might happen. I can feel the skin around my tummy trying to stretch more and more to accommodate this baby and I think it has reached the limit of stretchability. Is it possible for my belly to pop open and for Emma to come flying out like a balloon? I'll let you know. It seems like I'm going for another 40 pound weight gain with this child which is just one more reason to stop having babies after she gets here. Because I have to tell you that an extra 40 pounds on a 5 ft. 4 in. tall person is nothing short of miserable. And considering everyone is telling me that I'm all belly and you can't even tell I'm pregnant until I turn around, well, that is not an even distribution of weight my friends. My balance is off and I'm afraid that Emma will be born with bruises all over because I keep hitting my belly on everything I walk by.

I have slowed down considerably in the last week. I stopped working and have sadly gotten very lazy about this blog thing. It's just that the computer is upstairs and Jake and I spend most of our time downstairs. So the idea of walking up the stairs to write something that will probably be incoherent anyway is just not appealing to me. I hope to be back in the bloggy saddle again consistently in a few weeks.

I have to say that it very surreal to know the exact time and day that you're going to have a baby. Jake was five days late and it felt like he would never get here. I seriously thought he would start Kindergarten still in the womb. Which would have just been awkward because I can't fit into those tiny little chairs they have at school. Although I would have loved story, song and nap time! Anyways, knowing that Emma will be here around 7:30 on Thursday morning is just plain weird. I've got her bag packed, I'm planning on having my hair cut and styled the day before (vain, I know! but did you see the pictures of me with Jake after 30 hours of unsuccessful labor last time?!) and friends and family can plan on visiting because they know when she'll be here. Strange.

Lastly, (for today anyhow) how can I be so happy to have a little girl coming to join us and yet so sad for the little boy whose world is about to change so drastically? I find myself wanting to soak up every minute with him these last few days knowing that it won't ever really be just "us" again. Yesterday, I felt so tired and was hurting so much that all he and I did was hang out on the couch watching movies. Terrible, I know! But it was also a very sweet time with my boy cuddled up to me for many hours. Of course, getting him to go to sleep last night was a nightmare due to all of the pent up energy in his little body. Still, I think it was worth it. Oh, I hope these two become friends. And I hope that if Jake ever puts Emma in a headlock or a spinning toe hold like my brother used to do to me that she will know it is out of love and not sibling rivalry. And I hope that if they do resort to wrestling moves that she'll be scrappy enough to defend herself or smart enough to blackmail him into letting her go.


  1. Yay. I am so excited for you and if it turns out after having another one you take an even longer break from blogging I will be here when they are old enough to entertain themselves in 3 or 4 yrs....JK I am looking forward to pictures!

  2. Oh, Kim, I think I can relate to how you are feeling. I feel sad about Leo too. Soon enough, they will occupy each other...Jake will love teaching Emma everything he knows and Emma will be in love with her big brother. I just hope that both of our big boys don't injure the babes by chunking Lightning, etc. at their noggins. Let me know if I can do anything.

  3. I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait to see pictures of Emma!
    I can relate to the sadness of watching my little guys 5 months ago, realizing I was about to turn their world upside down. Now it's fun to watch them all interact, though I will admit, somedays are much louder.
    Praying for you this week and for your recovery! Sending happy thoughts!

  4. as crazy as this sounds, i remember actually feeling sorry for my second born before he was born because i was sure that i couldn't love him as much as i loved the one i already had. obviously those were the insane thoughts of pregnant woman! three years into being a mom of two, i can assure you that there is enough love to go around, more than i could ever have conceived of. enjoy the journey my friend.