Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Broccoli, Ice Cream and Dirt in one post!

In an effort to keep a clean house when I have absolutely no time to clean, I made a cleaning chart for myself a few weeks ago. Mainly because I like to make charts. I followed it for about two weeks and was pretty proud of myself. The house was never completely clean all of the time, but at least I knew each room was getting touched on a weekly basis.

Now, my chart sits looking forlornly at me on my desk. It's kind of like broccoli in your refrigerator. You know it's there and that it would be really good for you if you ate it but you just pretend like you can't see it and instead eat the ice cream in the freezer. Only with my cleaning chart I pretend I can't see it and that's it. Things are not getting clean.

In my defense it is really hard to be motivated to clean the house when no one around here is interested in maintaining the clean. Especially the 110 lb. dog who tracks mud all over the place and leaves hair balls in every corner and under every piece of furniture we own. I'm boycotting mopping the floor because it stays clean for exactly three minutes.

Here's a picture of the aforementioned hairballs. It's hard to see them because of my inferior photography skills but trust me they are all over the place. Emma eats them. She also eats cat food. But give the girl a vegetable and she screams like a vampire in the sunlight.

I'm curious to see if anyone out there has a cleaning schedule that really works for them. Clearly, I need some help. LM