Friday, November 13, 2009

I have a dream

So, this is what comes down to. Me writing emails to celebrities. This is a copy of the actual email I just sent in to the Ellen Degeneres show. Think it will help?

Can Ellen help make my dream of meeting Rick Springfield for my 40th birthday come true?! I love watching Ellen and I love to see how she helps so many people. I know my wish sounds pretty silly but I'm totally serious about wanting to meet my childhood idol before one of us dies. Not that either one of us is sick or anything. I can't tell you how much I have loved Rick Springfield for the last 28 years or so. My best friend at the time and I used to race home from school to watch him on General Hospital and we bought every Tiger Beat, Teen Beat or Seventeen magazine that had his picture in it. The first concert I ever went to was Rick Springfield playing with Quarter Flash in Amarillo, Tx. Went to that with my best friend Amy and we spent the night on the front row in complete disbelief and utter amazement that we were so close to him. I even touched the girl next to me who touched his shoe!

As a stay at home mom who loves my job but is sometimes frightened by the monotony of it all, I can still put one of his CD's on to lift my spirits on any given day. I'd like to say I've matured as a fan and would now just really like to sit down and have a conversation with him assuming I would be able to speak in his presence.

Anyhow, I've asked my friends and family to help me achieve my goal on my blog , but between you and me I don't think they are taking me seriously. I need help from someone big. Someone with connections. That's where I'm hoping Ellen will come in. I'll even donate my $100 "reward" money to her favorite cause. Thanks in advance! Sincerely, Kim (LM)


  1. I love your dream/plea. Do you watch Californication? Rick has been on recently, playing himself. Quite funny.

  2. That letter is really good and Ellen should definitely consider your request! I still remember that first concert vividly. I know the girl behind me kept yanking my hair to try to get in front of me, but I was not giving up my spot. I so hope that Ellen can make your dream come true.

  3. Whitney,
    I love your blog! Sadly, we don't have HBO so I haven't been able to see Californication.

    Amy, we both got our hair pulled. Those girls were mean! But we held our ground because that's how we roll.

  4. i wish i could help. really i do. alas, i have no connections. i think writing ellen was genius. i watch her every day. if anyone could do it, or would do it, it would be her. good luck!

    oh and just so you know, i say rick on the ellen show and apparently he takes off his clothes on californication. i don't have hbo either but that caused quite a stir when he announced that to the audience!

  5. Californication is on Showtime. I have it. Maybe I can figure a way to send you a copy. It is a good show

  6. Go to and look for episodes. If it's anywhere, it will be there. You also might search youtube for clips from the show. :)

  7. Oh that would be awesome!
    Come on Ellen....choose Kimmie!