Saturday, February 6, 2010

The continuation of the flea problem

We did the flea treatment. I cleaned the house from top to bottom one night last week and the next morning I took our zoo over to our neighbor's house to stay in their garage for the day so the fumes wouldn't kill them. I have to say for one brief second I thought of leaving Brady tucked in a closet or something in the house but then I had mercy on his soul and decided that murder is wrong. Even if it would provide me with a clean house free from dog hair and fleas.

We treated both Brady and Zoe the night before with a new dose of flea medicine. Brady even got this super pill from the vet that a friend told me about. It was supposed to kill everything on him in thirty minutes and last up to thirty days. It worked too. For about twelve hours. Brady (and Mike and I) got our first good night's sleep in awhile that night because the dog wasn't waking up constantly biting and scratching himself while shaking our bed so much it seemed like an earthquake had hit.

But the next morning I noticed him biting at his tail again. We were thinking maybe he was just biting at old flea bites. However, yesterday Mike took the kids to the local jumpy gym to play while I was at work and he saw something on Emma's head. He picked her up to get it off and noticed that it was a flea. Seems our kids weren't the only ones jumping at the jumpy gym. I wonder how long it will be before local establishments start hanging posters of my kids up on the door with warnings about letting them come in.

How can we possible still have fleas? We had the house treated, the animals treated and I've been cleaning like Alice on the Brady Bunch for the last week. I just don't get it.

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