Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day

I've always had a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. I love the idea of it, but I really just feel like it's a made up holiday mostly for the purpose of stores making money selling us cards, stuffed animals, candy and balloons. I especially hated being in high school on Valentine's Day. Those stupid candy grams and flower grams they sell every year really got me down. I could, however, always count on my mama to send me one because she worked at the school. There is nothing like feeding off the insecurities of teenage girls by making them pray they get a pink carnation or some chocolate from that boy they like that still doesn't even know their name. Wow. It's almost like I'm still bitter.

I was single for 35 years before I met Mike. I mean I had boyfriends and stuff but most of them dumped me before Valentine's Day every year. That led to way too many Valentine's nights sitting at home alone in the dark except for some lit candles listening to every sad song ever recorded in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Just pitiful. My one wish for Emma and Jake's future romantic life is that they just hold off on dating until they're out of college. That's realistic, right?

Anyway, there were a couple Valentine's Days where I remember going out with one of my also single girlfriends to laugh in the face of Valentine's Day. To show just how strong we were without a significant other. To look at all of the happy couples out there and say "we don't need your stinkin' happiness." "We are fine all by ourselves." I think we always ended up back in someone's apartment, drinking some wine, listening to every sad song ever recorded in the 70's, 80's and 90's and trying to not to cry in front of each other. Pathetic.

Top 10 songs to cry by on Valentine's Day/Night:

1 through 10.) All By Myself (various artists)

Thoughts? Would you add any other songs in there?

I've made peace somewhat with Valentine's Day since getting married. Although we really kind of treat it just like any other day. We were going to go out tonight but then both kids woke up sick so we'll stay home, make pizza and cuddle some babies before they go to bed. Not bad.

The thing I love most about Valentine's Day is that it's my daddy's birthday. And I can always find some cute stuffed animal to give him on this day. Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow Daddy! Love you.


  1. oh friend i remember those days, waiting to see if someone was going to dedicate a song to me or send me a candy gram. hell. total and complete hell.

    i still have a pretty pissy attitude towards v-day. to me forced romance isn't romantic at all. it is overpriced, capitalistic *&^% (i edited myself for the sensitive ears of your readers).

    sorry the kiddos are sick!

  2. I personally like v-day, it's an excuse to turn on the corniness! I love you honey!

  3. Oh, you reminded me of bitter, bitter days in high school! I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. The problem is, Jeff knows about this and has decided that we don't have to celebrate it then. I think I was sort of hoping he could change my opinion. I did get a long nap today, so it was a good day!

  4. Oh my fellow skeptic, how I miss you so!! I don't remember listening to music, but I do rememeber sitting alone and being depressed.

    Anyhow, I too am a believer that this holiday was created by Hallmark to get more money out of us, and fortunately my sweetie feels the same. So, we agreed no gifts. Well, apparently you should not mention this to other people. I literally got lectured by a coworker (a male no less) because "it's about giving and showing how much you care". To him I said screw you! Why does society tell me when I have to express affection? I could give something on the 13th and 15th but if I don't do something on the 14th I am a bad person? Let me tell you, I made quite a case for myself. And he no longer thinks of me as this sweet, innocent, quiet girl. Finally!

  5. I must have blocked it all out because I don't remember candygrams and flowergrams. However, I do remember never having a mum to wear on homecoming. UGH.