Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm calling this the Coca Cola Conspiracy of 2010

Here's the deal. We love us some Coke products. Mike is old school and drinks Classic Coke while I have switched over to Coke Zero in an effort to decrease my caloric intake each day. I know that soda isn't good for us but we can't seem to give it up. It has no nutritional value, is so acidic that it can dissolve a penny over time and has a taste that really can't be described. Come on, try it. Sprite tastes like lemons and limes. Dr. Pepper tastes kind of nutmeggy or like some other Thanksgiving spice. Coke? I can't think of anything to compare the taste to. But Coke, I just can't quit you.

HOWEVER, I refuse to pay the price that you're asking for yourself these days. I need your caffeine riddled fizziness like a puppy needs a bone, but $4.69 for a twelve pack? I think not.

For quite some time Coke products have been on sale in our area and we stocked up every time we went to the store. We were starting to look like hoarders. Our supply is running low though. Dangerously low. We're on our last 24 pack of Coke and Coke Zero and sadly I've noticed that not only is Coke NOT on sale anymore but the makers of Coke have actually jacked up the price.

Dear Coke Makers,

Price gauging in this economy is mean-spirited and unkind.

Sincerely Sad, Little Mama

Up until about three weeks ago I could find the 12 packs on sale usually for three packs for ten dollars. Which makes each twelve pack a little over three dollars which is totally acceptable to me. But now, the new "sale" price is three for twelve dollars. Math was always my worst subject but I believe that makes each twelve pack now FOUR dollars. Unacceptable. That is not a sale my friends. That is called sticking it to the little mama.

As much as I love Coke I am now drawing my line in the sand. I WILL NOT pay more than three something for a twelve pack. I'm feeling more and more anxious as I see our supply dwindling but I will not falter. If I have to find something else to replace the blissful feeling of my afternoon bubbly pick me up, then SO BE IT. It's a good thing we still have a pretty good stock pile of Girl Scout Cookies or I might really be hurting in a few days.


  1. Go get your coke at Dollar General! Isn't there one right down the road from you?

  2. i'm going today! never even thought of it.