Thursday, February 18, 2010

We have the sickies

We have been battling illnesses around here for the last week and a half or so. It started out with Emma getting kicked out of her class at Mother's Day Out Monday of last week. She was running a fever so she got to go hang out with Ms. Kathy, our wonderful director, for the last part of the day. I took her to the doctor the next day who declared that she had a cold. On Wednesday, she was still running fever so I had to stay home from work and she had to miss school. I actually thought it might be a nice day because Jake would still be in school and Em and I could have some mommy/daughter time. She decided to celebrate this time by crying and screaming and throwing a general fit for three hours. Good times were had by all.

That night she seemed to get better so we thought we were turning a corner. That's when Jake woke up at 9:45pm burning up with fever and talking out of his head. I got up six times with him that night and Mike got up a couple times too. It was almost like he was having night terrors or something. At one point, he was totally distraught because he said Zoe (our cat) was in his room playing with a piece of paper and he DID NOT want to play! So I pretended to pick her up and take her out of his room. In truth, Zoe was in our room keeping me awake by kneading my tummy.

Friday, Emma woke up with an enormous amount of goop coming out of her eyes. I finally got worried it might be pink eye so I called the doctor's office and got an appt. for the next morning. So Saturday morning we woke up, Jake told me his fever was back and I told him it wasn't. As I was getting them dressed to get out the door for Em's appt. Jake threw up all over us. Once again, good times. I have never been so sorry about thinking he was faking an illness in my life. Good thing we were on our way to the doctor. This time, he declared that Em had an ear infection and Jake probably had strep throat. He put them both on antibiotics and we had a nice, relaxing day back at home. Jake spent the entire day laying on the living room floor sleeping or watching Veggie Tales. I have to say, it was kind of nice. Usually, I'm chasing him around, refereeing things between him and Emma or hiding from them in a closet somewhere.

So now we're here and it's Wednesday again. We went to work/school for the first time in a week and I was there for all of an hour and a half before the director came in and told me to go take a look at Jake because it looked like he had pink eye. Great. Jake and I left school to wait for our fourth doctor's visit in a little over a week. I thought it might be kind of nice to have some mama/son time anyway. So I took him to get donut's and then we went home and went to the park to play. It was a great day! Up until the part where I took him to the doctor. Ever since he had stitches over Christmas he totally freaks out about doctor's visits. The doctor declared he had pink eye although I'm not sure he ever really saw Jake's eyes due to all of the screaming, hitting, kicking and thrashing of body parts that was going on. It was truly embarrassing.

And now Emma's back with a fever tonight and her eyes just as goopy as ever. Let's not even talk about my sore throat which I'm certain is Strep or Leprosy or something. Please, please let us get well! I wonder if the doctor will eventually just cut us off from coming to see him.

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